About CIM – CNC Milling Machine

CNC Milling Machinery

CNC Milling is a technology whereby the rotating milling cutter of a milling machine tool is driven by a computer to produce a desired shape. The Numerical Control computer is programmed to drive the motors attached to each of the machines moving axes in a discrete manner to create the cutting action, which will produce the desired shape in a work piece. Electronic measuring devices are attached to each moving axis and monitored by the CNC to assure accurate movement according to the program. These can be either a direct measuring device eg; linear encoder or scale or indirect measuring device eg. rotary (pulse) encoder or even a resolver.

In this way a CNC machine can produce the same part as a human operator much faster and with greater precision.

We sell and service new and used :

  • Droop & Rein (Starrag) High Speed FOG milling machines.
  • Monforts/Starvision Bridge type machining centers.
  • Heidenhain CNC and precision measuring systems.


31965 Schoolcraft Road | Livonia, MI 48150-1810
Our business hours are 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Eastern Time)

We supply parts, rebuild or retrofit:

  • Phoenix CNC and copymills.
  • Droop & Rein CNC and copymills.
  • Heidenhain CNC, gauges and precision measuring equipment.
  • Accu Rite CNC.