CIM Technologies specializes in 5 AXIS MILLING MACHINES.  Five-axis milling is a technique of cutting material whereby a milling spindle can be moved through space to a discrete contact point on a work piece and cut with any discrete plane on the milling cutter. Only five axis of motion are required to accomplish this. Additional axes are redundant. A five-axis mill can be used instead of complex fixturing of the work piece. For 3-dimensional milling of surfaces, the cutter is usually positioned at a specific compound angle to the work piece which will yield the most efficient material removal for the cutter type. A 3-axis cutter path is then executed.

5 axis milling machines can be vertical or horizontal spindle with a combination of universal or single axis spindle attachments, vertical or horizontal rotary tables in any machine design including Vertical Portal, bridge or gantry mills up to 12M  wide x unlimited length and Horizontal floor or table type mills with capacities up to 8m tall x unlimited length.

We offer control upgrades to existing machine tools using Heidenhain CNC, Digital Motors, Drives, Linear and angle encoders, and touch probes.    We specialize in Droop & Rein, high speed machining centers which provide true high speed milling. 5-axis complex surface milling at high acceleration rates produces a faster, finer finish at higher accuracy than traditional methods.

Starrag is the corporate parent of Droop + Rein and Scharmann